This is going to be a rather short blog post, but have y’all noticed the prices of meat lately? WOW, and going meatless just isn’t an option for my family. We have a few meatless recipes we like but mostly we like meat, even if it’s just used to season a pot of beans! Anyways, lets not get off topic here (FOCUS APRIL!) I want to share a couple ways that I have saved on meat purchases this month.

Easy Ways to Save on Meat!


1.Check the sales paper for every grocery store near you.

This is very important to saving money on meat because you’re going to want to see who has the cheapest prices. Make a list of the cheapest meat you can find and on the side of your list start writing down different meal ideas using the meat. If you purchase what you can of the cheapest meat, you can stock your freezer with it and have it for future weeks to come, that way when there’s no decent meat prices one week, you don’t have to buy any because you already have plenty in your freezer. 

2. Buy in bulk

Usually the bigger packages of meat are cheaper per lb. now, this isn’t always true so make sure you’re checking the price per pound section of the price tag. Buy the bulk packages, bring it home and separate the meat into smaller packages for meals. Don’t forget to label the bags you put the meat in. You don’t want to thaw out pork chops when you’re wanting chicken for supper!

3. Use less

I’m sure a lot of you already know this tip but for those that don’t. You don’t need as much meat as the recipe calls for. Especially with as high as ground beef is right now. If a recipe calls for 1 lb. use 1/2 lb. I promise you’ll never notice. If you think you will, try bulking your dish with something else. 


Here are a couple ways I put the tips to use at my house!


1.Check the sales paper

I checked the sales paper and noticed that a store near me had 10lb bags of chicken leg quarters on sale for .39 lb. I bought several bags! I also noticed another store near by had ground beef for 2.59 lb. I bought 2 small packages of that as well.

2. Buy in Bulk and separate when you get home.

Like I said, I bought several 10 lb bags of leg quarters. I brought them home and but the legs from the thighs, and cut the back bones, extra skin and fat off of the thighs. I put several bags of legs and thighs in the freezer. I also de-boned some of the thighs and put those in the freezer as well. What did I do with the back bones, skin , and fat? I put those in a bag for the freezer as well. When I run low on my homemade chicken stock, i’ll pull that bag out and boil them with some veggie scraps to replenish my “stock” of stock (lol) 

ChickenChicken Bones

With the ground beef I opened the package, split the meat in half and freeze them in bags to be used in later meals

3. Use Less

I made a pot of spaghetti sauce, and instead of using 1 lb of ground beef I used, 1/2 lb and bulked the sauce up with chopped mushrooms, peppers, and onions. There was no way to even tell there wasn’t as much meat in it, and it tasted great!



I hope this helps you save even a little bit on meat! Don’t be scared to buy the cheaper cuts, like the chicken leg quarters. You can always cut them to make them how you want! There are all kinds of youtube videos teaching you how to properly cut up chicken, it’s easier than you think!


I would love to hear some of your tips for saving at the grocery store! Leave me a comment below! Don’t forget to check out the other comments to see if anyone else left some grocery saving tips!


Talk to you soon,


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