It is HOT y’all!! I just don’t want to cook dinner in the evenings because I don’t want to heat my house up. I’ve been trying to find other ways of fixing dinner that don’t heat my house and don’t blow my grocery budget. Here is one of the meals that I’ve made this week!


Instant Pot Frugal BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Cole Slaw



  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs – I pulled these from the freezer, I stocked up on those 10 lb bags of leg quarters for .39 per lb and deboned the thighs to use in recipes like this! 
  • Bottle of bbq sauce – I used the Great Value brand it was .98
  • Hamburger buns – Great Value .88
  • Bag of Coleslaw mix – $1.98 at walmart
  • Bottle of Kraft Coleslaw Dressing – I think around $2 at Walmart for the bottle, I only used half so $1

See?? So super cheap!


  • Throw the frozen chicken in the instant pot and pour in the bbq sauce and 1 cup water. 
  • Cook at high pressure for 30 min. (if using thawed chicken you don’t need to cook it that long)
  • When done, release pressure and shred up the chicken thighs
  • In a bowl combine the coleslaw mix and dressing and mix well. 
  • Serve the chicken on hamburger buns and serve coleslaw on the side

You can also serve baked beans with this. Walmart has their brand for about .89 a can


I hope you enjoy this recipe for frugal bbq chicken sandwiches! I know it’s almost too simple to share but I hope this helps someone who needs some simple dinner ideas!

What’s your favorite summer meal that doesn’t heat the house up? Leave me a comment and let me know!! Remember to see if anyone else has commented so we can all get some new summer meal ideas!

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Talk to you soon,


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