Here are some pictures from our family Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family as well!! 


I also wanted to share some tips for a frugal, fun Christmas with your kids!

  • if you have an elf on the shelf, there are so many fun things he can do! This year our elf mostly brought activities for the kids to have fun with (although he did cause some trouble as well lol) pick up a cheap pack of sugar cookie mix, cookie cutters, and sprinkles from the store and have him show up with a note that says “let’s make cookies!” or you can go cheaper and hand write a recipe if you have all the ingredients on hand and you and your children can make homemade cookies. We didn’t make the cookies homemade but we did make the icing homemade.
  • we bought little strands of lights that were around $1.50 each and hung them everywhere! you probably already have lights on hand, but this was our first Christmas in our new home and our first time really decorating so we had to build our Christmas pile. We won’t have to buy any next year though YAY!
  • make some hot chocolate at home and go ride around in the car looking at christmas lights! My children LOVED this, especially when we happened to come up on a house that had music on the radio synced to their lights! We sat and watched for almost an hour!
  • Have the kids make DIY gifts for each other and let them wrap them themselves! they will be so pleased when they watch their sibling open the gift they worked so hard on!
  • Make homemade cards to hand out to loved ones!
  • Make DIY decorations! they can cut up construction paper and make paper chains or color pictures to hang on the walls! My children colored a bunch of pictures and we hung them all up on the wall with our other decorations!
  • Make Gingerbread houses! Y’ALL, Walmart had boxes of gingerbread houses with several different ones in a single box!!! you have no idea how excited this large family mama was when I realized that I could get all of my kids a house to build with $8 instead of spending $8 each (I wouldn’t have paid that but still) We were planning on making our own with graham crackers and icing and little candies but that came out cheaper!


Thank you for stopping by! I hope your family had an amazing Christmas, and I hope you are all safe and healthy throughout this new year!


Talk to you soon, 


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