Did you know that Walmart marks their day old rotisserie chickens down to sell the quickly before they go bad? you can get an entire fully cooked chicken for less than $3!!! My family loves these and I buy them all the time! Sometimes I will just warm them up and make a few sides and we will eat them as is, but I wanted to do something different this time and show y’all a different way I used this chicken! 

I picked this one up the other day for $2.30! 

it wasn’t grocery day so I really shouldn’t have bought it but I couldn’t pass it up for that price! 

When I got home I picked all of the meat from the bones and put it in a freezer bowl for a later meal. I then added the bottom the the container with the bones in it into a gallon freezer bag and popped that in the freezer until my next meal prep day!

I actually had 1 bowl and 1 bag  of the shredded chicken, I planned on using the bowl of it to make chicken salad but decided not too and later put that bowl into the freezer as well with the bag


after my actual grocery shopping day, and meal prep I had some celery, carrot, and onion scraps so I threw it all in a pot with the rotisserie chicken bones and made some homemade stock!

The bowls of stock went into the freezer until I was ready to make a pot of chicken noodle soup!

To make the soup: 

I sauteed celery stalk and leaves, with chopped carrots, and very little onion in some olive oil…once the celery was translucent I added several cups of water and the frozen broth. I let that come to a boil and continue to boil until the carrots were almost soft, then I added the noodles and the chicken. I also added in some chicken boullion powder, salt, pepper, and garlic. I let it boil until the noodles were done, romoved it from the heat and served! I was going to make grilled cheese but noticed I only had little sub rolls so I sliced them and made cheese toast instead! It was still pretty good!


I hope you enjoy this post! I really hope this helps you save on your grocery bill every week or month (way to go you if you grocery shop once per month!) Check out the deli section in Walmart for marked down meats if you haven’t already, these can be thrown in the freezer for the future, don’t worry about the date on the packaging!

How do you like to use up a rotisserie chicken? Let us know in the comments!

Have a great day and stay safe!

Talk to you soon,


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